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Through out the whole last century we have been involved in a lot of building projects.  When people start a building project they have to manage their labor costs along with their material costs.  The labor cost will out weight all costs.  We feel it is important to provide materials that don't make the labor costs increase.  Most people don't understand this concept. For example:

  1. one person shopped for studs for starting a house.  He found studs for $10 per thousand cheaper than we quoted.  However the boards had to be cut to 92-5/8".  He saved $.05 per stud, but paid a contractor $20 per hour to cut down 256 studs.  He cost himself money.
  2. Another person got a deal on exterior door units that had wider jambs.  To use them the contractor had to fill a 3/4" gap around the house, so he did.  The homeowner didn't save any money again.
  3. Another customer painted the exterior of his house.  He spent days sanding to get it ready to paint.  He saved money by buying cheap "Walmart" paint.  In spite of the fact that he did a great job preparing the surface the paint didn't stick.  He had to scrape it off and use a quality paint. He cost himself time and money.

We believe in supplying better quality products to save you money.  We upgrade most of our lumber.  Instead of a middle grade stud we sell premium studs.  There usually is only a $0.25 difference between an economy stud and a premium stud.  We try to stock #1s in yellow pine & spruce lumber.  We buy Benjamin Moore paint instead of lower quality brands.  If you use one gallon of Benjamin Moore paint at $30 to do the same as 3 gallons of $18.99 paint you save money on materials and labor.

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